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Are you looking for material handling jobs near me preferably full-time material handlers? Get in touch with our team at Staffing Inc. We have clients in various sectors and industries who are hiring material handlers and we will help you get in touch with them. You, therefore, get to choose whom and where to work in. From our side, we ensure first that our clients observe stringent workplace best practices and follow the best security protocols. When you want a job as a material handler near me, rest assured, we have you covered.
Currently, we are hiring material handlers. If you have the following ability and experience, we are just a call away.

Material Handler Job Description

You should be able to handle, move, and store various non-hazardous and hazardous materials in a warehouse. Your primary duties will include loading and unloading different transport items, recording inventory statuses, and making sure deliveries match purchase orders.

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities

You will be expected to work with a team and efficiently coordinate with them.
You will need to:
• Verify the accuracy of quantity and quality of incoming deliveries
• Label every product and stack them in proper slots
• Identify and locate the right products during delivery
• Keep and maintain an updated account of stock and inventory
• Handle returns by completing technical documentation and through other means of communication
• Keep all material handling equipment in good condition by carrying out regular maintenance and checks
• Inform purchase requirements and monitor data on products in short supply
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Material Handler Jobs – We Are Hiring

Our main focus is hiring material handlers and we ensure that the right persons get the jobs they deserve due to their experience and professional expertise. These jobs are generally in warehouses or manufacturing facilities where stored stocks of raw materials or finished products have to be handled. Apart from having excellent written and communication skills, you should also be able to demonstrate outstanding physical fitness. If you fulfill all these attributes and are looking for material handler jobs hiring near me, get in touch with Staffing Inc. We are now hiring full time material handlers. Apply now.

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